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 The Create-A-Pokemon thread

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The Create-A-Pokemon thread Empty
PostSubject: The Create-A-Pokemon thread   The Create-A-Pokemon thread EmptyThu Mar 04, 2010 10:20 pm

Here i am with a new idea that was sparked from talking about the king form the zelda cd-i games being a pokemon

in this game you have to create a pokemon, it could be anything but keep it clean please

name its type out of the types currently available (no new types that havent been invented)

name some of its unique moves

and its ability this can be created by yourself and you can use some pre existing abilities aswell

also to make this more fun you get to rate all the other pokeon creations above yours and not just the post before yours but as many as you like but please be respectful and if you dont know who o what it is or the joke in the pokemon please do not flame the person or insult thier creation i will be posting up my craetion

The King

Type Normal he is not affected by many things
Ability Scrub: if the opponent isnt scrubbing they will take damage
Dinner: restores health completely
Scrub: sets opponent into a state where they must scrub all the floors in hyrule for 5 turns
My Ship: a ship crashes into your opponent dealing massive damage
The triforce of courage: protects the king for 5 turns and obliterates the opponent
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The Create-A-Pokemon thread
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